Whale Vel


whale-shark Just then we finished cutting a picture of a whale shark from the recent
Young World magazine and
pasting it in a special notebook. And as I was helping the wife in her
kitchen work by talking to her soothingly about life, along comes the kid and

Kid: I am going
underwater to take pictures of whale shark. And I am not taking you.

Me: (peeved) OK, let
me go to Pazhani and see Lord
. He also has a Vel
(Tamil for javelin or spear and pronounced as whale) with him and let me see
that one.

Kid: My whale is
big. Bigger than your murugar vel.

Me: Lord Muruga can
get bigger whenever he chooses to. So will his Vel, along the way.

Kid: My whale will
be underwater.


Me: If Lord Muruga
throws it, this vel will also go underwater.

Kid: My whale can
travel. It can go even to Australia.

Me: (where does this
kid learn all this) OK, I can ask muruga to drop it real fast so that my Vel
also can travel to Australia underwater.

Kid: (by now almost
shrieking, not realizing I am also on the verge) My whale is a mammal. It can
have babies…

Me: !@#^&

(the last I overheard, the kid was busy instructing all of mom’s paint
brushes that she is taking along with her underwater to stay inside her
back-pack as they could get wet and dilute their “color”…)