Essentials of Heat and Fluid Flow in Porous Media


Knowledge of heat and fluid flow through porous media finds extensive applications in several engineering devices spanning four major division, mechanical, civil, chemical and bio-engineering. This textbook fills the knowledge-gap between available research monographs in porous media and basic thermo-fluids courses required to understand such monographs.

pm-book-front-sForeword — Prof. D. Andrew S. Rees, Uty. of Bath, UK.
Foreword — Prof. Pradip Dutta, IISc., Bangalore, India.
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Student Paperback (Indian) Edition – 2nd reprint
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International Hardbound Edition
Published by: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group

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Salient Features
  • includes exposition of fluid flow, conduction, convection, radiation in porous media
  • exclusive chapter on porous medium aspects of biological systems
  • end of chapter problems for all the basic topics
  • explains volume averaging theory at a beginners level
  • discusses both local thermal equilibrium and non-equilibrium concepts in detail
  • fresh review of effective thermal conductivity models
  • historical approach to porous medium fluid flow theory
  • introduction to research topics including solidification, two phase flow, variable viscosity flow, lattice Boltzmann formulation, bi-dispersivity and combustion in porous media
  • appendix of useful convection correlations

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