PM Book – Foreword – Pradip


pm-book-t Essentials of Heat and Fluid Flow in Porous Media by Arunn Narasimhan

Foreword by Prof. Pradip Dutta, IISc., Bangalore, India.

It is an honour and pleasure to write a foreword to this useful and interesting book. Arunn is a very well known researcher who has worked extensively in transport phenomena on porous media for the past two decades, and has pioneered several activities in emerging applications in this field. I have had several opportunities to interface and collaborate with Arunn in connection with some applications of porous media pertinent to my research field of solidification and phase change materials, and I have always found the discussions extremely useful.

The subject of porous media is not new, and this is not the first book in literature on porous media heat transfer and fluid flow. Yet, the scientific and engineering community is still in the quest for a basic understanding of flow and heat transfer in porous media. The treatment is never straight forward, as the basic formulation of heat and fluid flow is at a scale which is generally much bigger than the actual porous structure. Together with this challenge, the diversity of applications brings in a load of complexities in modelling the transport phenomena. For instance, for the solidification community where I belong, one of the biggest challenges is to appropriately model the mushy region as a porous medium which is anisotropic and dynamically evolving in porosity and structure.

The main strength of this book lies in addressing most of the complex issues that occur in various applications of porous media including ground water flow, phase change processes and biological tissues. Each application comes with its own complexity sometimes requiring special treatment, but the generalized approach and appropriate classification of problems in this book enables the reader to obtain a better grasp on the subject. The author has covered systematically almost all necessary topics in porous media, including local thermal equilibrium concept, local non-equilibrium concept, Darcy model, non-Darcy effects, conduction heat transfer, forced convection, natural convection, radiation, bio heat transfer, multiphase flow, transient effects, and so on.

As I read the book, I find that it has covered adequately the areas I have some familiarity and expertise, and has triggered my interest in other areas. Such is the fluidity and clarity in writing.

Overall, I think the book will be of interest to undergraduate and graduate students in science and engineering, interdisciplinary researchers such as in materials processing and bio-engineering, and to R\&D engineers involved in various industrial applications of porous media. I wish this book success and its readers as much enjoyment and benefit as I had when reading.

Prof. Pradip Dutta
IISc, Bangalore.