PM Book – Acknowledgments


pm-book-t Essentials of Heat and Fluid Flow in Porous Media by Arunn Narasimhan


In most of mankind, gratitude is merely a secret hope for greater favours
— Duc de la Rochefoucauld, Maxims (1665)

As it should be for any human being, I have more people to thank for my life and deeds than it would be proper to include inside a thermal science textbook. Restrict then I must my acknowledgements to only those related to the sphere of action culminating in this book.

I dedicate this effort to my Ph. D. advisor Prof. Josè Lage, who taught me the basics of porous media. Neither I nor he would have anticipated a decade down the path, consequences such as this. My friend, Prof. Vladimir Koulich of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in whose rich cultural sweep (from Archaeopteryx and Etruscans to Fractals and Sanskrit to Xanthipe and Zeno), I could always find my intellectual banter and balance, has been with me since his ‘senior student’ days with Prof. Lage. I was fortunate to have served four years as a teaching assistant to Prof. Jack Holman, whose tutorship is my constant academic guide.

Research collaboration with Prof. Donald A. Nield, (Department of Engineering Science, University of Auckland), his rigour in doing science and integrity in appraising it, has been beneficial for this novice. Prof. D. Andrew S. Rees of the University of Bath, UK, has been a senior research collaborator and appraiser of my research. I thank him also for the foreword. Prof. Pradip Dutta from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, who has also provided the foreword, is another individual whose collaboration and association is a growing influence in my career. For two summers, he had invited me for research collaboration to his laboratory in IISc., which is becoming my second academic home. I also thank Prof. K. Muralidhar of IIT Kanpur for his personal encouragement and continued academic support. Above all, I remain awed by Prof. Adrian Bejan, my ‘grand advisor’, whose works and words have been my source of inspiration, to remain in Mechanical Engineering and contribute.

At IIT Madras, I should begin my thanks with Prof. Babu Viswanathan, who has been my exemplary mentor, inspirational colleague and honest friend – a combination in academia that is rare and precious, like Dennis the Menace. Years ago, he convinced me about joining IIT Madras as a faculty member, just as he convinced me at this stage of my career to write this book. Prof. T. Sundarrajan has been another mentor throughout my tenure. Secure in his knowledge and sagacious in his association, he has been a source of confidence and calming influence. I also thank Prof. Satya Chakravarthy of the Aerospace Department, who is more my ebullient friend than the enthusiastic collaborator that he is. Prof. T. T. Narendran of the Department of Management Studies, who took a special liking to my taste in Carnatic music, has been my trusted friend. I thank Prof. S. Pushpavanam of the Department of Chemical Engineering and others who always provide their time to make my academic life engaging and pleasant. Finally, I thank all my colleagues in the Heat Transfer and Thermal Power Laboratory for shaping my competitive spirit.

I thank my research students for the diligence and sincerity they have shown in unravelling some of our ideas in thermal science. In no particular order, here are their names: Akhilesh Prabhakar, Prasad Bhave, J. Wilson, K. S. Raju, Ankit Somani, Krishna Reddy, Kaushal Kumar Jha, P. V. Ramana, V. G. Ramanathan, C. Sundarraj, M. Manish, S. Jaichander. Apart from these, several students who have taken my courses in the past decade have contributed to my better understanding of the subjects I taught. The Jan-May 2012 batch of students who took my course on Heat and Mass Transport in Porous Media offered me suggestions in shaping the text and problems in this book. I thank all of them for their effort and assistance.

Arunn Narasimhan
IIT Madras,
July 15, 2012.